PIDEKA is a Colombian company recognized and authorized by the Colombian government for the cultivation, production and manufacture of cannabis extracts for medicinal and scientific use.

At PIDEKA, we assume the responsibility of improving the quality of life for millions of people in the world, cultivating high quality medical cannabis in a sustainable way and investigating to create strains thought specifically to treat different diseases, such us cancer, epilepsy, dementia, depression, Parkinson´s disease… Caring for health is in our nature.


We want to help as many people as possible. We are sure we can aid people. Cannaid is a brand created by PIDEKA strongly connected to our vision and mission.


Pilar, Denis and Camilo, founders of PIDEKA, started long time ago this adventure since they had in common the same personal motivation for investigating medicinal cannabis applications.

When Denis met Pilar, she had started her research into medicinal cannabis properties for treating her own chronic diseases. Since then, they are been organizing hundreds of individualized treatments based on the use of different aspects and components of strains, accomplished through a close follow up alongside different kinds of clinicians. In 2013, Camilo, a cannabis activist since he was 17, joined to them to dedicate his time to the development of cannabis extraction processes, bringing new precision methodologies for standardization of lab processes and applications.

More than 1000 patients Facing the poor effectiveness of the Colombian public health and lack of resources of most of the population to access the private health system, and due to the National Narcotics Statute (Ley 30 de 1986) permitting the cultivation of 20 cannabis plants for medicinal and investigation purposes, in 2014 we decided to open the first legal medicinal Cannabis Dispensary in Colombia, where the production, assistance and follow-up of more than 1,000 patients began.

More than 1000 patientsThese cases made possible unprecedented research and the establishment of parameters for individual treatment responses and disease-based treatments, grounded on human experiences, instead of laboratory models (a sample than more than 1.000 people).

More than 1000 patientsThis has allowed the accumulation of great know-how not only on the protocols and particularities of different plant-based treatments, but also on the specifics of the botanical and agronomic aspects of the treatments.