There´s always something happening at PIDEKA. We´re so proud to be the first company in Colombia with licenses to cultivate medicinal cannabis indoor.  Keep up to date with the latest news in media about us.

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    Colombia is the solution for the Medical Cannabis shortage in Canada

    Pideka SAS Announces Partnership with Lifford Cannabis Solutions CEO Lisa Campbell BOGOTA, Colombia, March 5, 2019 /CNW/ - Pideka SAS, a Colombian company licensed for cannabis cultivation and processing, has just announced a strategic partnership with Canadian cannabis business innovator Lisa Campbell, CEO of Lifford Cannabis Solutions to bring medical cannabis to the Canadian market. Pideka SAS is licensed to produce and manufacture cannabis extracts, seeds and final products for medical and scientific use, is currently exploring the global market export opportunities in the near future from Colombia to Canada.


    Know the different types of cultivation techniques for entrepreneuring in the colombian cannabis industry

    Borja Sanz de Madrid, Board director for international operations in PIDEKA, talks about the expansion plans for the company, that aims to finish 10 laboratories untill the end of the year.


    Medical Cannabis: Colombia becomes a power

    This is a golden opportunity for Colombia to become one of the largest suppliers in the world. Who are behind these investments and how the business grows.


    PIDEKA begins operations with the assembly of the first of five indoor facility for medical cannabis cultivation

    It´ll be the first of five indoor facilities to cultivate medical cannabis with a initial investment of US$3M.


    Medical Cannabis is being used as an alternative for patients in Colombia.

    Tatiana Muñoz have used medicinal cannabis as treatment against cancer for her six years old daugther, Isabela.


    Medicinal Cannabis Company from Colombia starts operations.

    First indoor facility of five is being built. Initial investment of USD 3 millions.


    First company licensed to cultivate medicinal cannabis indoor in Colombia, starts operations

    It´s about PIDEKA´s indoor techniques and business plan


    PIDEKA to open 5 indoor facilities to cultivate medicinal cannabis in the next 2 years

    Interview to Borja Sanz de Madrid, Director of Operations at PIDEKA.


    Indoor Cultivation: Key for medicinal cannabis 

    Denis Contri, Founder and Master Grower at Pideka, explains the importance of indoor cultivation for the future of the medicinal cannabis industry in Colombia.


    Expomedeweed 2018

    Interview to Pilar Sánchez, Founder and Technical Coordinator at PIDEKA, about Medicinal Cannabis industry in the Expomedeweed congress 2018.


    There are 12 producers figthting for the medicinal cannabis business in Colombia.

    PIDEKA, one of the companies with licenses in Colombia.


    Así se cultiva marihuana legal en Bogotá

    Ganja Farm is one of the few legally constituted cannabis companies in Colombia.


    Colombian Medicinal cannabis

    While Mexico tends to legalization and in Colombia there is talk of regulating its medicinal use, three young people have been cultivating cannabis for academic and curative purposes for a year. They say that more than laws, scientific research is needed.